Family Record Keeper
A family record organizer and personal journal for parents, grandparents and children

Are you always losing your slips of paper with important information?   Keep taking down the calendars that have kids special moments on?   Have to haul out all the baby books at the beginning of each school year to check immunization records?   Can't remember your own health information?  Then this is the book for you. 

Keep all of your important personal family records from babyhood through senior citizen years.   All in one place.

.The purpose of this book is to keep track of family members and their important records.  It can be used by young families for childhood records, for keeping track of adult children through their marriages, children and relocations and by all adults trying to keep track of their own records.  Good for records of elderly parents, too.

Family Record Keeper contains pages for:

Personal information                          Education                                             Resume of my life experiences   
Identification records                           Medical records                                   Things I'd like my family to know
Immunization records                         Military                                                    Financial records, if desired
Employment                                          Religious activities                              Marriage and family
Organizations & activities                    Youth Activities                                     Scouting records


Emergency Preparedness Resource

Grab and go in an emergency.  This books has places to record all of your emergency contacts, any emergency instructions you have for your family and more.  You will also have your family information all together in one place to take with you.

Free!  Extra family sections when you order Family Record Keeper

Does your family have more than five members?   Add an extra section so each family member has his own section.    Just order a Family Record Keeper   then e-mail me at and tell me how many extra sections you need.  This free offer is not available for use outside the book you purchase.    Limited time offer.

Customize to your needs

  • Compact,  7" x 9"  3-ring binder with removable pages
  • Add or remove pages to fit your needs
  • Individual sections for 5 different family members, more individual sections available
  • Each section includes 38 pages
  • Emergency information section includes contact information, meeting places, special instructions, etc.
  • Extra pages for  Special Occasions,  School schedules,
  • Year in Review section to track major life events, year-by-year.
  • Movable address pages
  • Lots of extra note pages to move to where you need more record keeping room
  • Emergency Preparedness.  Grab and go in an emergency,  all of your contact information and important record information  in hand

People Who Would Love This Book

  •      Busy Moms trying to keep their families' lives   organized
  •        Dads who'd like to remember their new daughter-in-laws' names
  •      College Students who haven't a clue about what immunizations they've received
  •      Newlyweds who need to know their new, extended family member's names, birthdays and contact information
  •      Grandparents trying to keep straight grandchildren's birthdays, children's changing addresses and their own  growing health histories
  •      Sandwich parents trying to keep track of their own aging parents
  •      Divorced parents who want a clue about their children's health and activities
  •      Military families who relocate often